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While the other kids came up with predictable stuff and kissed up to Ms. Clary, Isabella seems to have grasped things about this life most people five times her age usually struggle with.

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These are really popular and cool in Moldova. I am using one of these here too.

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Looking at this photo I thought I could almost hear them singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" for a second. That would be one way to ruin Christmas difficult to compete with.

And of course the internet is catching up on the debate, someone thought they were singing this:

♫ I got you to wipe emails
I got you to shame females
I got you to cough & faint
I got you to grab a taint
I got you, babe
I got you, babe ♫

I also like this one from yesterday's debate:

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The photo is from the internet, it is not mine.
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I never thought the day when I would be that close to being on the same wave with North Korea's News Service would ever come. Unfortunately it has. It is a scary thing to realise.

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While Donald Trump pumps out tough rhetoric towards China, the Chinese are already in full swing making money on Trump.

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We saw a lot of these in Moldova. They seem to be everywhere. In this case the American people financed the rehabilitation of the irrigation system in Cosnita (Cosh-nee-tsah) village.

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I will start here soon, so be careful with me people ).

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Read today that there are way more museums (around 35,000) in the U.S. than there are Starbucks (around 11,000) and McDonalds (around 14,000) combined.
Had a Starbucks coffee in my hand while reading it but took me around five minutes to remember the last time I visited a museum.


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