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2017-01-05 05:33 am
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Taking the phall: hottest curry I have tasted

We had phall at a friend's house tonight. I am a big fan of very hot and spicy food and I had some serious training living in Asia but if you had closed your eyes you would have thought that you had swallowed this (and I really like this GIF):

This dinner reinforced my irrational belief that one has to be careful around Brummies. It was good though.
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2016-12-30 12:18 am
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Are you a fellow EFFE sufferer?

I suffer from a crippling condition know as extreme fucking food envy (EFFE). Seeing someone like this dude, just having a couple of those fries on that bench in Thessaloniki is enough for me to immediately get a box (no, two boxes! take that, bitch!) of those fries and eat them on the spot.

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2016-08-03 11:19 pm
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I am not built for fasting

Today was a fast day in the village, nothing except bread, vegetables and fruit was allowed (not even olive oil). We worked at the far edge of the forest and the kids brought us lunch there, which was well, bread, vegetables and fruit. Nobody in the village cooked anything else today.

In the evening however I had to drive to the nearby town to meet someone and I grabbed a quick dinner at a diner there. It is a very simple, no frills place but it is the most expensive diner in town.

I had this Greek salad:

And this chicken schnitzel with mash:

It was very good. I am definitely not a foodie though and can enjoy most of edible stuff.

The bill was around GBP 2.50 (Euro 3.10, USD 3.40, CAD 4.30).
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2016-02-04 01:20 am
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Yorkshire pudding for 250 men

Came across this recipe while exploring the empty building of Sentosa Tourist Academy in Singapore after its relocation. The site was once a coastal defence artillery base known as Blakang Mati Artillery Barracks, housing British and Indian gunners from the British Army. They will build a new luxury hotel there instead.