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Marble and flesh. Louvre, Paris.

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there could be some fencing."

Cour Carrée, Paris

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It was red pants vs blue pants in Tuileries Garden.

And it was red pants' turn, so aim...

...and go!

Nah, he missed it. Well, next time I would try ditching those red pants, go for, say grey and see if it helps.

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Water, boat, grabbing a bite.

In Paris:

In London:

It is Seine but it is not the Thames of course, just Regent's Canal.
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This Parisian couple was in the middle of sorting things out and she was really pissed at him.

Tuileries Garden, Paris.

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And it is "Drink from me and live forever" on the sleeve.

In Paris.

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Latin Quarter, Paris

Irish pub

Dec. 9th, 2016 08:19 pm
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Irish pubs and the pavements in front of them look the same everywhere, be it London, Istanbul or Singapore.

This one is in Paris.


Nov. 30th, 2016 11:18 pm
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And he managed forty eight. The other boy did fifty two after that.

Place des Vosges, Le Marais, Paris.

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Having a cigarette never feels better than it does in Paris. Especially just above Tintin.

Oops, a text.

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Tired and had enough of those baguettes.

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Tuileries Garden, Paris

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Everything works better in trios in the land of ménage à trois.

Working (and rocking those orange skirts):

Lunching by the Seine (the pigeon doesn't count):

And ice cream tastes better too, especially in Latin Quarter after midnight:

And this bonus one could be a trio too if I took a selfie in that mirror:

In Paris.
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More than enough for a murder.

Tuileries Garden, Paris

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A Jewish Orthodox guy taking a stroll in the Jewish quarter in Le Marais, Paris.

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Chain swing ride in Tuileries Garden, Paris

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This rather gothic looking hipster (or hipstery goth, I am really bad at this) was taking a picture of this fruits de mer stall in Le Marais for his Instagram and I thought he needed to be on my LJ.

In Paris

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With tefillin (phylacteries) and tzitzit. He was one of the few people not queuing for falafel there (I was).

Le Marais, Paris


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