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So I am back in London. Yeah, the New Year is way bigger in Moldova than Christmas when it comes to non-church stuff from what I have seen (and drank).

One of the towns not far from the village where we were based in Moldova is getting ready for some serious New Year celebrations in their central square where their Christmas market is. None other than Boney M themselves will be on stage singing jingle bells to the people on the 31st around midnight (among the busy line up of more "regionally famous" bands and singers). I understand they are still wildly popular in the former Soviet Union (one of their leading dudes even died in St Petersburg I was told).

You see, the mayor of this town is a twenty-something Israeli billionaire (yeah I know) who is married to a Russian popstar (this is Moldova, baby!) ten years his senior and who is currently under a house arrest because of the ongoing investigation into the theft of one billion dollars of EU loans from the Moldovan banking system (for Moldova it is huge) in which he apparently was heavily involved and some very damning phone recordings have been released to support it.

So to cheer up the people in the town he reigns over (probably one of the poorest towns in Europe, the country is the poorest in Europe after all) he decided to throw a really good party for them. I kinda get it I have to say. Everything is so completely fucked and there is no hope for even a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel whatsoever that "fuck this, let's drink and party" is not a bad choice at this stage.

Here is the mayor's wife, Russian pop diva Jasmin with Putin for no reason really except that a little bit of Putin is a must for any conversation these days and everything in the world apparently is because of him so I thought he should be here as well (everything is more fun with Putin!).

And here is Jasmin with her husband who is the mayor and apparently a huge Boney M fan:

Yeah, fur and leopard print are mandatory there if you want to "make it".

And to top it off, let's hear the first lady of our provincial town sing, shall we?

Still has quite a bit to go to touch Carla Bruni but then this is not Paris either.
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You may remember that I thought it was a bad idea to base this campaign on not wanting to be stuck on an island with Boris and Nigel because, as little as I knew about Romanian politicians I still suspected that many of them would have been a much worse company to be stuck with than Nigel.

The city in the centre of that campaign is Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania's largest city, second largest city in Romania and home to Romania's largest university and student community.

Today I was told a little bit about Gheorghe Funar, mayor of Cluj-Napoca 1992 - 2004 and currently the General Secretary of the Greater Romania Party and an MP.

I will not bore you with the details of his ridiculous xenophobic policies as mayor (he also ran a huge Ponzi scheme on the side) and will just share a couple of his latest thoughts, which include "World's Jewish Government wants to move Israel into Romanian borders and is trying to exterminate Romanian people by using food additives" and "There are already more than 2 million Jews in Romania working for its destruction". Apparently he also claims that theory of relativity was developed by the Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu and was stolen by Einstein (described by Funar as a "retarded individual").

Yeah...well...about being stuck on an island with Boris and Nigel....I think the Brits are probably fine for now.

Middle East

Feb. 7th, 2016 08:27 pm
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I have two very dear friends. Both of them are very honest, brave and passionate people. Both of them are much smarter than I. I love them dearly.
One of them sees the Israel - Palestine problem like this:

And the other one like this:

I always tell them honestly that I have absolutely no idea and cannot take a view on this. They both find it really strange for some reason. But I just do not know enough and I do not think I am smart enough to ever be able to figure out what is really going on there with all that media noise and manipulation from all sides which has been going on for years it seems.


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