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So if Brexit and now the results of the world's most important election were not enough to make Vladimir Putin ecstatic, the world's least important election (I talked about it here) has just ended with the pro-Russian candidate beating the pro-EU candidate solidly (by ten percent of the votes). Igor Dodon (I took a picture of him here) is the president-elect of Moldova. He ran under the "Re-establish and strengthen our relations with Russia" slogan.

Well if that is not enough, then in Bulgaria, an actual EU member, the pro-Russian air force commander general Rumen Radev is now winning the election too.

And if that is not enough too, in Ukraine the very famous heavily pro-US former president of Georgia (a huge Putin's adversary) who was appointed by the new pro-west Ukrainian president the mayor of Odessa has resigned with much noise and heavy condemnations towards the Ukrainian new pro-west government, accusing it of corruption and everything else basically.

Seriously, it could not get better for Vladimir Putin. I bet he has the tears of the US protesters and media collected for him by the undercover KGB agents and flown to Moscow on fighter jets for him to bath in in his gold bath tub probably designed by the same Italian designer to the rich who gold leafed Donald Trump's penthouse.

We fucked up. Many people seem to have stopped voting for our message all over the world. I think I could agree with Seth MacFarlane quite a bit:

As much as I find the protests going on in the US ridiculous, I could still be this guy right now (the only protester in NYC who made sense to me):

I = EU

Oct. 28th, 2016 08:57 pm
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There is a lot of pro-EU stuff everywhere in Moldova's streets. EU flags are everywhere next to Moldovan flags, etc.

This is what we saw in Orhei, one of Moldova's towns:

Most foreigners mistake it for some kind of pro-EU slogan at first (of which one can see plenty here). In reality "EU" means "I" in Romanian and it is simply "I love Orhei" and not "Orhei loves EU" or "EU loves Orhei". This thing is a potential love mess and it takes a minute to figure out who loves whom here.
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Danish daily Berlingske on Thursday published a rare English-language editorial imploring Britain to "please stay" in the EU, amid fears the eurosceptic Scandinavian country could lose a key ally in Brussels.

"As a nation, we in Denmark understand your scepticism about the EU, perhaps better than any other country. Three times we voted no - in 1992, 2000 and 2015 - but never out," the right-wing daily wrote in an editorial it posted in both English and Danish.

"Let us stay and fight for pragmatic, better and more sustainable European solutions," it said, adding that Britain's voice was needed in the EU to "fight for free trade and (for) breaking down regulation and bureaucracy."

A cartoon on the paper's front page showed a door marked with an EU flag slamming shut on a half naked man with a bowler hat and an umbrella, tearing off his Union Jack suit as it closed behind him.

There has been speculation that Denmark — which, like Britain, has euroskeptic tendencies and its own currency — might follow the U.K.’s lead if British voters decide later this month to terminate their nation’s membership in the political bloc. In December, Danes fueled that conjecture by rejecting an opportunity to establish closer ties with the EU by voting down a referendum to adopt the group’s cross-border policing.

Denmark has been a reluctant member of the EU since joining in 1973, rejecting the Maastricht Treaty in a 1992 referendum and only saying "yes" the following year after being granted opt-out clauses on the euro, defence, and justice and home affairs.

Danish voters also rejected joining the euro in 2000, and proposals to lift some of the country's exemptions on EU justice rules were turned down in a referendum in December last year.

Like his British counterpart David Cameron, Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen wants to curb European migrants' access to child benefits, but with exports accounting for just over half of the country's economic output there are few politicians who back leaving the bloc completely.

And of course Denmark’s support for remaining in the European Union has risen sharply since the UK voted to leave while the number of people demanding a similar referendum has dropped sharply as people saw that it actually can happen if you ask for it and vote for it. The morning after Brexit was announced, Rasmussen ruled out the possibility of the country holding a vote on EU membership.

I actually know a number of people who would really want the referendum to leave the EU to happen and would eagerly vote to leave the EU...if only someone could guarantee that they would definitely lose. Sticking two fingers up at the EU - oh yes please, but actually leaving - oh no!
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Well, the speeches of Nigel Farage and Marie Le Pen at European Parlament have been a treat. I need to go and jump into the lake now, which is what I planned to do anyway.
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The British people have spoken. I predicted a narrow win for the Remain camp and probably would have voted to stay.

May everything turn out great for the UK. Two most prosperous countries in Europe, my native Norway and Switzerland are not part of the EU but are still part of the European family (free movement of labour, etc). May it work out for Britain in the best way possible too. Go Britain!

At Victoria, London


Jun. 24th, 2016 01:58 am
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We are all clued to live referendum results here. Gibraltar voted 19,322 to remain and 823 people to leave. This is in line with the expectations, Gibraltar is a very special place of course.

Newcastle's results will be announced next in a couple of minutes, those would be the first real results. A narrow win for remain is expected.

And for those who are sick and tired of all the talking about this vote, here is an unrelated picture from Regent Street.

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Poland is depressing and there are vampires in Romania
Spain is far too hot and where the fuck is Lithuania?
To be fair Slovenia is lovely (we are only kidding, it sucks too)

A nice pro-EU song from "Tonight with John Oliver":

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Applying for British citizenship never crossed my mind even though I have been living in London for ages. I am both an EU citizen (Denmark) and a non-EU citizen (Norway).

I hope that even if the UK decided to leave the EU, our neighbours would not annex our garden overnight, spray paint "Scandis go home!" on our house and then nationalise the property altogether to turn it into a memorial of suffering endured by Londoners under the EU's free movement of labour.

Anyway, we are prepared to flee to the closest Ikea for temporary shelter in case violence and pogroms break out in Chelsea after the vote.

BBC is asking Should EU citizens consider becoming British?


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