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So when I called the Moldovan election the least important presidential election in the world (see here) I was definitely wrong. It's gotta be the Transnistrian one, which has just happened. I was told that the average turnout was estimated at slightly over 25 percent. Apparently it is so unimportant that even Transnistrians themselves don't give a damn about it.

And I thought I'd post some random Transnistrians from Tiraspol to celebrate. I bet these three didn't vote.

In Tiraspol, Transnistria, Moldova.

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So if Brexit and now the results of the world's most important election were not enough to make Vladimir Putin ecstatic, the world's least important election (I talked about it here) has just ended with the pro-Russian candidate beating the pro-EU candidate solidly (by ten percent of the votes). Igor Dodon (I took a picture of him here) is the president-elect of Moldova. He ran under the "Re-establish and strengthen our relations with Russia" slogan.

Well if that is not enough, then in Bulgaria, an actual EU member, the pro-Russian air force commander general Rumen Radev is now winning the election too.

And if that is not enough too, in Ukraine the very famous heavily pro-US former president of Georgia (a huge Putin's adversary) who was appointed by the new pro-west Ukrainian president the mayor of Odessa has resigned with much noise and heavy condemnations towards the Ukrainian new pro-west government, accusing it of corruption and everything else basically.

Seriously, it could not get better for Vladimir Putin. I bet he has the tears of the US protesters and media collected for him by the undercover KGB agents and flown to Moscow on fighter jets for him to bath in in his gold bath tub probably designed by the same Italian designer to the rich who gold leafed Donald Trump's penthouse.

We fucked up. Many people seem to have stopped voting for our message all over the world. I think I could agree with Seth MacFarlane quite a bit:

As much as I find the protests going on in the US ridiculous, I could still be this guy right now (the only protester in NYC who made sense to me):

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If you are tired of the world's most important presidential election, here are a couple of lines about the world's least important one.

Today was the election day here in Moldova. Two main candidates have some similarities to Trump and Clinton. Like Clinton, Maia Sandu is a woman, is backed up by the ruling party and has been caught lying quite a bit (not quite as much as Hillary but then it is difficult for most to touch that level). And Igor Dodon, the opposition candidate has a pro-Russian stance and like Trump is often blamed to be in love with Putin. Unfortunately that's where the similarities end, no pussies and Wieners in this election.

None of the candidates got the 50 percent of the votes necessary to win in the first round but Dodon came very close with almost 49 percent while Sandu got almost 38 percent. So they move to the second round.

It is quite surprising that most people here voted to fuck off the EU (Sandu is pro-EU, it is her main thing) and to strengthen the relationship with Russia (Dodon's main campaign talking point). EU seems to have lost its allure not only to some of its richest members, like the UK but even to some of its poorest candidates like Moldova. So much so that they would rather run back to Putin.
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Looking at this photo I thought I could almost hear them singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" for a second. That would be one way to ruin Christmas difficult to compete with.

And of course the internet is catching up on the debate, someone thought they were singing this:

♫ I got you to wipe emails
I got you to shame females
I got you to cough & faint
I got you to grab a taint
I got you, babe
I got you, babe ♫

I also like this one from yesterday's debate:

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US election is taking its toll on people. A couple of days ago I was subjected to this at lunch and today I sat next to a group of people who played "which one of the republican candidates would you sleep with to save the Earth from destruction?" Everyone had to pick one and only one. I understand that all twelve candidates who made it to the primaries were available for the Earth-saving one night stand because Carly Florina and even Rick Santorum and Rand Paul were valid choices.


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