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No, Hillary didn't lose because of Putin (also not because of 'fake news', racism, transphobia). She lost because she was a horrible candidate (which has never been news to DNC). A truly horrible candidate.

But still, no matter how much you might hate Hillary and how convinced you might be that Trump would have won anyway, you still can think that investigating possible Russian meddling in the US election is important.

All this looking at everything not with finding the truth in mind but thinking how you can stress the part that supports your existing position and obscure and discredit the part that doesn't help your side asap and by whatever means is hilarious (and quite unfortunate).
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Looking at this photo I thought I could almost hear them singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" for a second. That would be one way to ruin Christmas difficult to compete with.

And of course the internet is catching up on the debate, someone thought they were singing this:

♫ I got you to wipe emails
I got you to shame females
I got you to cough & faint
I got you to grab a taint
I got you, babe
I got you, babe ♫

I also like this one from yesterday's debate:

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The photo is from the internet, it is not mine.
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I never thought the day when I would be that close to being on the same wave with North Korea's News Service would ever come. Unfortunately it has. It is a scary thing to realise.

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At lunch people at the next table were playing "elect, marry, kill" using Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Is sex getting replaced with the election?

Feel free to share your take if you want.

Update from comments: Judging by their accents two of them were Americans, the other two were Brits and one of them was Dutch. The Dutch one married Trump!


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