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He's got the hat, she's got the shoes, this could work I guess. He also is carrying her jacket while she has a coffee, a phone, a pack of cigarettes and a cigarette in her hands.

She was carrying her jacket herself though. But then he had a union jack t-shirt, red sunglasses and two bracelets, carrying jackets might have spoiled the look.

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This is a popular spot to steal wifi in central Brasov. I think it is the office of some government agency and one of their wifi connections is not password protected. I did what this dude is doing one minute before I took this photo of him.

In Brasov, Transylvania, Romania

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My food was taking a bit too long at this cafe in Brasov. Luckily there were people to photograph behind that window. Like these two friends:

I know you want to see the second one closer too. Here, I took a photo of her too:

A minute later they got inside the cafe and sat at the table next to mine.
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I would not have noticed her no would I have taken this picture of her if it wasn't for her dad. The girl was walking ahead of her parents, very relaxed, the mother was looking around also very relaxed. But the dad did not look happy and was tense. He was giving this look to anyone who looked in the direction of his daughter. I just had to take this picture of them because of the dad. I do not know if it captures how on guard he was and his reaction at least a little because I saw it in person and I cannot see this picture separately from that experience.

In Brasov, Transylvania, Romania

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you still can't help it, it is automatic.

In Brasov, Transylvania, Romania

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In Brasov, Transylvania

Both guys were looking at their phones in complete silence and the girl in pink hat was bored.

Yeah, really bored. Pink hats do not go well with 'bored'. The girl in blue dress behind her was not bored at all.


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